March 4, 2010

Bainbridge Island woman is the face of internment

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Check out this story of Fumiko Hayashida on King 5’s Evening Magazine–86287552.html

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  1. Noel said,

    Its great that the bainbridge community can acknowledge the wrongs that have been done to the families that were impacted by this diplay of racial discrimination, and how it continues to affect people today. Healing cannot begin in these kinds of situations unless those at fault, and their descendants, own up to and genuinly apologise for what happened. I can’t help but feel bitter-sweet about the situation though…when will the Bainbridge community acknowlege the several thousands of Suquamish people that were murdered, tortured, removed and otherwise abused, on bainbridge island, so that non-natives could live there in the first place? The generation that survived these acts of genocide, and the acts of genocide that continued clear into the late 1970’s, have passed on the trauma, dysfunction and repression that accompanies an oppressed people…so long as those responsible for and those who reap the benefit of these horrific acts ignore, justify or dismiss our plight, we will continue to be angry…

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